Corporate Travel Solutions

Corporate Travel Services

Identifying preferred airlines

Flights of preferred airlines will automatically be considered first in the processing of customer requests. As soon as a certain number of flight segments is reached, we initiates a tripartite agreements in order to provide the client's company with special corporate rates.


Adoption of the cost effective cancelation travel policy

After analyzing the number and amount of penalties by service providers from the customer during the reporting period, our experts will advise you how to buy tickets and services at the most competitive rates, while maintaining the best possible terms of booking cancellation and ticket refund.


Best flight options

Selecting of the most favourable flight options by time schedule provides the maximum of working time savings and reduces costs for flights as well as for additional services (accommodation, transfers, meals, etc.).

Major cost saving (up to 21%) is achieved through an integrated complex service approach and a properly selected flight route, schedule and fare, additional 3% of savings is available by reducing the agency service fee.

Identifying preferred hotels

Creating a preferred hotels database, in accordance with the travel budget, category of accommodation, hotel location and distance from a place of meeting, availability of additional hotel services for business traveler. As soon as a certain number of room nights is reached, we initiates direct agreement “Customer –Hotel” in order to provide the client's company special corporate rates directly from the selected hotel.


Creating and following the procedure for processing travel documents

All tickets, vouchers, travel and financial documents are stored at Customer's Personal Account database, the hard copies are delivered to the customer’s premises free of charge.


Creating Travel Policy and analysis based on company structure, service class and travel budget

Travel policy provisions should be followed by business travelers and customer travel coordinator during online travel management via the booking tool and by out team specialists, while processing customer's requests.



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